Financial planning is a creative, iterative process. We believe in inspired planning that starts by really listening to what you value and how you want to make a difference.


Within the first few weeks of becoming a client, we meet to clarify your values, goals, opportunities and challenges. We revisit that conversation every year in our annual review. We also talk about your feelings—and ability—to take risk in your portfolio and broader financial life.

We want to learn more about your relationships—your children, parents, other important people in your life—even your pets. It’s important to us to understand who you are before we jump into more technical discussions.

Save, Spend, Give

Finding the right balance in your financial life is all about allocating resources. We do extensive analytical projections that help you make better decisions about how to use money today, what to save to meet your future goals and how much you are able to give to others.

We’ll use a collaborative process to create a Mind Map that shows the most important information about your financial situation on one page.

Interactive planning will help prioritize your goals. We’ll talk about your needs, your wants and your wishes. This iterative process lends itself to sharing stories. This creates a circle of trust where you are free to explore possibilities.

You will walk us through your assets and we’ll identify if your money is really aligned with your values. That applies to how it is invested, how you are harnessing your human capital, how you move from success to significance. We value being your trusted sounding board as you weigh decisions throughout your life journey.


Ultimately your most important decisions deserve a level of deep discussion that benefits from our experience, education and discernment. We want you to be confident in your decisions and that requires trust, clarity, competence and skillful execution. We coordinate with your other financial professionals—CPAs, attorneys, insurance agents—to make sure everyone is aware of your choices and the implications.

With growing wealth comes increasing responsibility that often involves preparing the next generation. We can help you think through “how much is enough?” so that your values are passed to your heirs and your passions for charity are funded.

Many of our clients value strategic philanthropy and we enjoy providing guidance as you are able to focus your giving to make more impactful differences. Important in this process is a social return on your investment.

Our Process

Prioritize Your Goals

  • Listen to your hopes and fears
  • Clarify and prioritize your goals
  • Gather information

Grow in Confidence

  • Analyze data and present possibilities
  • Create and implement your plan
  • Coordinate with other professionals

Simplify Your Life

  • Present your one-page Mind Map
  • Track your progress toward your goals
  • Creative collaboration as you update your strategy