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2016 in Review


  If I had to sum it up: better than expected from a financial point of view! We started the year with the Dow dropping -5.5% in January after the Fed started raising interest rates by 0.25%. We ended up avoiding a massive stock market drop indicated by the futures market the night of the […]

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A leader has to allocate time, money and resources. That’s true if you are running a company or running your family’s finances. Cash flow allocation is often glossed over, but it’s critical to y

Managing Investment Risks

Investing is all about risk and reward–how much reward do you expect from any given level of risk? Perhaps the most important job of an investment manager is to manage those risks. This is not a

Investment Policy

When you’re thinking about investing, a good place to start is by thinking about what you need your portfolio to do. Part of the disciplined investment process is to evaluate your progress. But

Estate Plan Review Checklist

Many of you already have estate documents. They may have been executed many years ago. Usually, the rule of thumb is you should have an estate attorney look over your documents every ten years or so.