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First Quarter 2016 – Market Review & Outlook


Running in Place in 2015 When it was all said and done, the U.S. stock market ended up pretty much where it started the year.  But that is not to say is wasn’t eventful!  The “FANG” stocks had a terrific year, a.k.a., Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google.  (Wall Street loves a good acronym—although “FANG” should […]

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Off to a Rough Start in 2016

It’s another tough day in the stock market. As I write this, we are down about 15% from the Dow high last May. 10% is a normal market correction and that’s what we saw last August. 20% is a bear m


2016 is off to a bumpy start. Between problems with the Chinese economy and the North Koreans, we’ve seen a sharp rise in volatility. Helping you deal with risk is one of the primary reasons we’re

Buckle Up

It’s been a while and we’re out of practice. I’m not talking about playing the cello. I’m talking about a good old-fashioned stock market correction.  That’s apparently what we’re dealing

Second Quarter 2015 Alert

Second Quarter 2015 Alert Read the entire alert: Second Quarter 2015 Update COI