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The Mystery of DFA


          Sometimes in life, it’s not developing the best answers, but developing the right questions.           — David Booth, co-founder of DFA Dimensional Fund Advisors. DFA. It’s a fund company, like Vanguard or Fidelity. You’ve heard of those, but you may not have heard of DFA. Even […]

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United We Stand

What a world we live in!  Never before in our lifetime have we seen such a deep mentality of “us versus them”.  We hear divided voices everywhere; globalism versus protectionism, immigration ver

Economic Insights, First Quarter 2017

Key Thoughts: Presidential promises, but actions speak louder Strong quarter for stocks U.S. economy growing, but a bit slower Presidential Promises We’ve spoken to a lot of you since the fall Presi

Continuing Care Communities and Long-Term Care Insurance

Retirees have more choice about where to live in retirement than ever before. That offers lots of flexibility, but it can also be overwhelming. Most people prefer to remain independent as long as poss

Strategic Planning With Roth IRAs And Stock Compensation (Part 2)

Key Points Weighing a Roth conversion is already complicated enough, but the complexity can explode when you add in stock option exercises or the vesting of restricted stock. When you convert to a Rot