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Continuing Care Communities and Long-Term Care Insurance


Retirees have more choice about where to live in retirement than ever before. That offers lots of flexibility, but it can also be overwhelming. Most people prefer to remain independent as long as possible. That may be in their own homes, in a relative’s home or in a cottage or condo in a continuing care […]

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Strategic Planning With Roth IRAs And Stock Compensation (Part 2)

Key Points Weighing a Roth conversion is already complicated enough, but the complexity can explode when you add in stock option exercises or the vesting of restricted stock. When you convert to a Rot

Strategic Planning With Roth IRAs And Stock Compensation (Part 1)

Key Points Roth IRA contributions are made with after-tax money. You don’t get a tax deduction for Roth IRA contributions as you would with a traditional IRA. The big benefit of the Roth IRA is

2016 in Review

  If I had to sum it up: better than expected from a financial point of view! We started the year with the Dow dropping -5.5% in January after the Fed started raising interest rates by 0.25%. We


A leader has to allocate time, money and resources. That’s true if you are running a company or running your family’s finances. Cash flow allocation is often glossed over, but it’s critical to y