Commentary Topic: Retirement

Retirement Plan Rollover Considerations

At retirement, you may need to choose how to take your benefits. There are several possibilities you might consider: Choose an annuity option offered through your employer retirement plan Roll over the funds to an IRA Take a lump sum distribution and pay tax on the distribution Leave the funds in your employer’s retirement plan […]

Countdown to Retirement

When you get to within five-to-ten years of when you expect to retire, the planning usually gets more serious. So far, you’ve probably thought about how much money to save every year, but now you need to think about lots of other issues that will guide you to a better estimate of how much you […]

Health Savings Accounts

One frequently overlooked source of income in retirement is the Health Savings Account (HSA). An HSA is a tax-exempt trust that is set up with a qualified HSA trustee. You can contribute to an HSA if you have a high-deductible health insurance policy. (If you are enrolled in Medicare, you cannot make contributions.) The money […]

Spending in Retirement

Retirement can last thirty years or more. It is unrealistic to think that your expenses won’t vary over that long period of time. Several studies are now indicating that if you graphed retirement spending, it would look like a smile. It starts fairly high, decreases for a period of time, and then starts increasing again […]

Practice Retirement

2008 put a lot of people behind in their retirement savings. T. Rowe Price came out with a strategy called “Retire in Place” that offers several creative solutions for those people who find themselves a little short of accumulating enough for a comfortable retirement. Work, Then Retire This is the traditional approach to retirement. You […]