It seems that no place is “safe” when it comes to your personal information. Cybersecurity is here to stay and we all have to do what we can to protect ourselves. The threats can come from many places: through our phones, our computers, our tablets. Many of us have had the unfortunate situation where our […]

Retirement Plan Rollover Considerations

At retirement, you may need to choose how to take your benefits. There are several possibilities you might consider: Choose an annuity option offered through your employer retirement plan Roll over the funds to an IRA Take a lump sum distribution and pay tax on the distribution Leave the funds in your employer’s retirement plan […]


A leader has to allocate time, money and resources. That’s true if you are running a company or running your family’s finances. Cash flow allocation is often glossed over, but it’s critical to your financial success. Holding yourself accountable to how you choose to spend your money takes time and effort. But the process can […]

College Funding

The advantages of a college education are numerous: potentially higher income levels over a lifetime, learning about subjects that can help in finding a job or meeting people that may help you throughout your life. But the costs can be intimidating. The most important step is just starting to save something. Once you’ve crossed that […]

The Value of a Human Advisor

Financial planning is a creative, iterative process. We believe in inspired planning that starts by really listening to what you value and how you want to make a difference. An essential part of this process is one human being talking to another human being who is trained in listening and idea generation. This is so […]


How do you know that your deposits at the bank are safe? If you have deposits at an FDIC-insured bank or savings institution, your deposits are protected. The Federal Insurance Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), an independent agency of the U.S. government, was established in 1933. Since then, no depositor has lost a cent of FDIC-insured […]

Quantifying Advisor Value

Vanguard is known for its philosophy of low costs, passive index funds and providing value to individual (and institutional) investors. Recently they published a white paper, Quantifying Vanguard Advisor’s Alpha, that systematically lists the reasons that advisors can add to a client’s overall total return. They’ve quantified that value at about 3% more than you […]

Organize Your Financial Life

Organizing your financial records may seem like just another chore that can be put off until later, but having an orderly system gives you better control over your overall financial situation, and has tangible benefits that can make your life easier and even save you money. If your financial files are in disarray, you may […]