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It seems that no place is “safe” when it comes to your personal information. Cybersecurity is here to stay and we all have to do what we can to protect ourselves. The threats can come from many places: through our phones, our computers, our tablets. Many of us have had the unfortunate situation where our […]

Disaster Planning

It could have happened to any of us. We’ve had double disasters so far this year with Irma and Harvey. As human beings, we want to help. There has been and will continue to be an outpouring of love and compassion as we ache to see others suffer. The need for assistance will continue far […]

Retirement Plan Rollover Considerations

At retirement, you may need to choose how to take your benefits. There are several possibilities you might consider: Choose an annuity option offered through your employer retirement plan Roll over the funds to an IRA Take a lump sum distribution and pay tax on the distribution Leave the funds in your employer’s retirement plan […]

The Mystery of DFA

Dimensional Fund Advisors. DFA. It’s a fund company, like Vanguard or Fidelity. You’ve heard of those, but you may not have heard of DFA. Even when I explain it, clients usually forget and I find myself explaining again. At Stevens Wealth Management, we use a lot of DFA and Vanguard funds. Why? Low cost, passive […]

United We Stand

What a world we live in!  Never before in our lifetime have we seen such a deep mentality of “us versus them”.  We hear divided voices everywhere; globalism versus protectionism, immigration versus deportation, refugees versus terrorists, republicans versus democrats, left versus right, (deep breath in) real news versus fake news, market bulls versus bears, whether […]

Economic Insights, First Quarter 2017

Key Thoughts: Presidential promises, but actions speak louder Strong quarter for stocks U.S. economy growing, but a bit slower Presidential Promises We’ve spoken to a lot of you since the fall Presidential election and the reaction is largely concern with uncertainty. Some of you love him and some of you hate him, but all eyes […]