At Stevens Wealth Management we value deep listening, building relationships, collaborative brainstorming, organization, compassion, strong skills in financial planning combined with the best available technology to help you see the possibilities in aligning money and meaning.

From Success to Significance

Our clients are already successful. They come to us to find out what questions they should be asking so they can take their accomplishments to the next level. We build relationships with our clients and other professionals so that we can bring the right resources to our clients when they need them. Ultimately our goal is to help our clients find their own unique vision for the future.

Dedication and Commitment

Our people love learning. Collectively, we have multiple Certified Financial Planners™, Chartered Financial Analysts, Masters Degrees in Business, Economics, Arts Administration, Financial Planning, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and ongoing education programs in financial planning, tax, estate planning and philanthropy. But it’s a caring attitude that is most important when we hire a new team member.

We are independent and we value a smaller firm. We can move quickly as circumstances dictate and we enjoy a warm relationship with each other and our clients. We want to know about your dreams, your families, your passions and even your pets!

We Listen

The best financial advisory relationships offer life coaching. We’ve helped pioneer this area over the past 25 years as we’ve worked in both large and small firms in this emerging industry. Sue Stevens’ award-winning books, Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is™ and Radiant Wealth™, speak to the joy that awakens when money aligns with and supports your deepest values.

We’re not afraid to ask hard questions. We want to present possibilities so that you make the best decision for yourselves. Wading through financial spreadsheets, legal documents and economic scenarios can be overwhelming and complex. We want to help make personal finance more accessible so that you can get on with enjoying your life!